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Free your voice and the rest will follow…

You, the instrument. Your breath. Your belly. Your ears, heart, throat. 

All of you sings. All of you speaks.

Touch the source. Embolden and embody authenticity. Find the place where all of you resonates in common purpose: to communicate your truth.  

Join opera/indie/soundtrack vocal artist, Dacino to delve into the mysteries and rich sensations of your own fully embodied voice. In these heart and spirit opening lessons, students move dynamically between breath practices, energy and attention building meditations, yoga asana, and vocal play to open deep channels within. The vocal and breath instrument runs through the center of the body, just in front of the axis of the spine. In Resonant You sessions and workshops, we free this apparatus from tension so your whole being can vibrate with its own magnificent power. The Spirit of YOU. Transform and elevate your singing voice, vibration, and communication to their highest levels, in this singularly unique approach to fully embodying the supernatural voice within you.



RESONANT YOU. Maximize your power.