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Free your voice and the rest will follow…


You are the instrument. Your breath. Your belly. Your ears, heart, throat…

All of you sings. All of you speaks. All of you vibrates with the boldest intention…

Your voice is calling. Dive into the beauty and captivating power of your pure fully embodied voice. Integrative Vocal Coach Damien Genardi guides you into the mystery as you touch the Source, and open the deep channels within you waiting to be liberated. Resonant You students move dynamically between vocal and breath work, musical study, energy and attention building exercises, and yoga asana in these powerful, heart and spirit opening lessons. Voice and body soar with their own magnificent power. The Spirit of YOU!


“Voice lessons with Damien are not simply voice lessons, they are lessons for the human behind the voice. These are lessons for becoming, lessons for unravelling, for tuning-in, opening, feeling, and rebuilding. Damien is not only a very skilled teacher, but he is also an extremely intuitive guide, and he will create a program that is unique to your singing journey.”

Angela P,
Portland, Oregon

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A one of a kind program of vocal instruction, technical and musical study, breath and body work, wellness, and rewire meditations for mental focus and dynamism in an ever growing digital world.

$45/month to access the Resonant You Maximum Vibration Student Portal which includes Damien Genardi’s weekly video vocal lesson.


ALSO includes:

  • Weekly vocal and physical warm-up and practice videos

  • Performance techniques and coaching for vocal success in high pressure situations

  • Weekly videos for self care, including: yoga for singing, stretching routines, and energy study

  • Fun assignments

  • Q & A Sessions

  • Digital Posture Analysis

  • Statistical results tracking



"What I learned from Damien has helped me accomplish a life long dream that would have been unattainable had I not learned the skills he taught me. I have studied for years in multiple disciplines of music and Damien has been head and shoulders the best private instructor I've ever had. I think the thing that makes him unique is that he truly cares about the success of his students as people, not just musicians."

Casey I.
Vancouver, Washington

“His true passion for singing is contagious and his talent is enormous. He is at once intuitive and precise, as he offers practical, inspiring, and insanely fun techniques for singing at one's best.”

Heather B.
Portland, Oregon

“Throughout his lessons I learned techniques that have shaped my voice into something I never could have imagined. From being one of the worst singers my freshman year to being a three time all-state participant, to a 20,000 dollar scholarship to the University of South Carolina music program, to getting major parts in our choir’s 120 strong spring show, and getting the lead in our upcoming show Children of Eden. If you want to shape your voice into something you never thought you could, don't hesitate. Not only is he great at what he does he's really cool. Take the lessons, the guy is a genius.“

Nick D.
Clover, South Carolina

“Damien is not only a great singer, but an excellent teacher, something that is surprisingly difficult to find. I immediately clicked with his communication style and found him easy to understand. The techniques that he offered me produced results that other well qualified teachers hadn't been able to draw out of me. I find myself going back to what he taught me every time I perform. He is very encouraging and has a great sense of humor that comes out in lessons. He has a lot to offer vocalists of all types and experience levels.“

Marianne G.
Seattle, Washington

“Damien teaches with a positive energy that is contagious. His diverse vocal experience makes him a great fit for students regardless of the type of music they are interested in; and he explains the mechanics of singing in a way that is easy to understand and helpful in learning new techniques.”

Julie S.
Vancouver, Washington

“Damien showed me techniques for singing in ways that I could see, understand, and feel. No teacher or instructor has ever had the ability to do that for me. I now have the confidence to sing in front of anyone. I know what I can and cannot do with my voice, and I know how to challenge what I cannot do, until I can. He really is an amazing teacher, and is an outstanding talent himself. He can help you improve your vocal skills and abilities. What's more important is his complete passion for what he does. Damien cares about each and every one of his students. He truly is an amazing teacher.”
Maggie L.
Vancouver, Washington



Artist / performer Damien Genardi recently made his feature film debut singing and acting as one of the stars of the Texture of Falling (2018). His wide range of experience as a singing performer began on the professional opera stage where he sang under contract with the Portland Opera, while teaching a large dedicated studio of private voice students. Now Damien has integrated all his most powerful lessons and experiences into Resonant You, a one of a kind vocal program which generates distinctly gorgeous, dynamic voices for singing artists, and business professionals.

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