We have integrated our consciousness with the machines. Online. The reflection of what we see when we watch the news or listen to podcasts and examine the grand themes and actions of everything we are, as the Cyborg people, is astonishing. I’m so addicted to astonishment. Constantly, I say to myself, OH WOW. WOW, did you see that? WOW. OH WOW! Look how perfect that shit looks! WOW. Why do I keep going back for more? Please give me something boring. The online world thrives on getting us addicted to it. The real world does, too. The opioid epidemic is a business model working on the highest level, and everyone knows it. Business strategies are at play around us all the time. Even your multi-vitamins have stimulants and other things inside of them to make you feel euphoria when you consume. And, you come back for more. Every day. You work hard. You *owe* it to yourself. A guilty pleasure. You are reading this. You are probably a crack addict by now.

Photo: Damien Genardi
Models: Chrissy Horchheimer and Jeff Burke