My friends, your life is about to change. All that shit I said in the last post about feeling addicted to the online world, and how we’re all part of some big conspiracy, raping us for our hard earned cash and attention by exploiting human vulnerabilities for addiction? Blah blah blah, high horse this, blah blah that? Yeah, well I just experienced the brand new virtual reality engine and headset designed for the consumer market called, Oculus Rift. And…

Virtual Reality…

In the book Fahrenheit 451, this is the technology Ray Bradbury tried to warn us about. The future has finally arrived in 2018 my friends, and it is fucking awesome. Fully immersive virtual worlds and games that make you feel like you are really there. They are so real feeling it is pointless to even try to describe the experience. You want super powers and shit? Yeah, you got it. You want to be Voltron? You got it. Whatever you want. It’s called Oculus Rift and Best Buy has the consoles on sale this Black Friday for just $350. You will never leave your house again. Nice knowing you!

<3 Dacino

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