Damien Genardi




“I want to sing. Why is Quantum Physics important?” The truth is, unless you desire to perform at the highest levels as a professional and conduct Magic with your voice in front of an audience’s eyes, it isn’t, and you may stop reading now.

For those who wish to continue and learn more -

One needs to study and train in the Art relentlessly until it is polished into a gorgeous sophistication of communication. This means developing yourself in the aesthetic world you can see before you, but also in parts you can’t. In these “unseen” parts through the portal of the mind’s eye is where most of the power resides, and is where we strengthen your Artistry, brainpower, attention, and psychic abilities. For the betterment of all, I believe everyone has potential to have commanding power in all of these arenas if you have a true desire to develop it, and arriving at a sophistication of understanding the behaviors of the Quantum Field is also where the power of the Psychic Sphere resides. It is my belief that we as Artists are the original experimenters in Quantum Physics, and in all of my years singing and performing, I have discovered that if we understand exactly what is possible in communicating our energy and emotion through the Quantum Field, we have the power to cast incredible Magic. By helping you to discover and develop your own abilities in all of these arenas, I aim to prove these ideas as “real”. Whatever that means. *Caution* - this type of study and training is extremely demanding emotionally and spiritually, and I do not recommend it for everyone.

In this section of the Max Vibration Portal you will find exercises to boost and develop precision in the power of your attention and your ability to focus in high pressure situations, mental training in Synesthesia - an incredible tool for seeing and navigating the Quantum Field and Art of the Universe, lessons in time and how to make time feel like it is stopping, Emotional Dynamics and projecting colors, and Emotional Physics. All of these theories and exercises are based on those channeled through visions, years of study with various experts, experimentation, and performance application. These are the things which work for me, and which I use myself. I am sure people will laugh at you for studying in this way, as Quantum Physics is a newly discovered science and cannot be directly observed by the eyes.


As a framework for understanding this information - Please remember:

  1. Our Universe is a system, and the total energy in it remains constant and is conserved over time. As a part of this grand system, the Quantum Field abides by the same Laws. Energy may not be created or destroyed, but only transformed or transferred from one form to another. Energy in = Energy out and never “disappears” from the system. This is the 1ST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS - We will be leveraging this fact.

  2. For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. As a system, the Universe is a closed and balanced. For every positively charged energy or vibration moving through the system, there is a corresponding negatively charged energy or vibration that must be evoked somewhere in the system to maintain its balance. Yin and Yang always exist in dynamic together in some way. This includes emotional energy.